Sunday, June 12, 2011

Interview with True Blood's Jim Parrack on new film: "Post"

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Jim Parrack’s has just completed a very personal and lovely film, called “POST” which premiered last Friday night at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, CA. I attended the Premiere and will report on it shortly. It’s pretty miraculous that this film is completely Jim’s invention, and he was the entire crew.

Last week, I asked Jim if he would sit for an interview with me to discuss his new film. He invited me to his home to do so and on Wednesday, June 7, I met with him, his wife Ciera and his friend Scott Haze.

Ciera is the star of the film playing the part of Sophia along with Scott who also stars in the role of a marine. While Sophia is the story’s focus, both characters are linked to each other by an event that is explained in the film. As you will hear when viewing the interview, Jim had a good sized cast in the film that included his family, as well as Glee’s Heather Morris and Mark Pelligrino from Lost and Supernatural.

After we enjoyed a very good bowl of soup, in their comfortable kitchen, the three actors sat down with me for the interview. At the end of Part 2, Jim reveals a couple of True Blood Season 4 secrets, well, sort of. Watch the two part interview below:


Be sure to watch for my upcoming coverage of the Premiere from last Friday that should be online sometime this week!

Thanks to Jim, Ciera and Scott for taking the time to speak to me.

And, thanks to Shadaliza for compiling and adding special effects to the videos.

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