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Interview with True Blood’s Yvetta – Natasha Alam

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Recently, Natasha Alam was interviewed by The Vault about her experiences on True Blood’s Season 3. You may remember that Natasha played Fangtasia’s pole dancer, Yvetta, who had relationships with both Eric and Pam. She also saved the day by freeing Sookie when she was being held prisoner in Eric’s basement. If Eric and Pam hadn’t been so busy fighting Russell Edgington in Season 3, perhaps Yvetta’s fate would have been worse. Presumably, after saving Sookie, she left the bar never to be seen again, however there is still hope for her return. Natasha informed us that the writers told her Yvetta will be back, so we’ll just have to wait and see; she’s hoping for Season 5. In the meantime, read the interview below to find out what Natasha is up to now a days.

Below is the interview with Natasha:

When did you get interested in Acting?
I was modeling in my teens in Italy, got to shoot a commercial that was shot like a short Bond film. The director Frederik Bond, kept telling me I was a natural and that I should pursue an acting career.

You first went to London from your home in Uzbekistan, became a princess and then moved here. Can you talk a bit about how that felt and what you like about it here in the US?
I actually went to Italy first, modeled through Europe, then met my prince and we got married in NYC. Then, I moved to England because that’s where he lived. After a few years studying at a method studio in London, I felt I was ready for Hollywood. When I came to Los Angeles for a short visit, I immediately fell in love with the weather, laid back lifestyle, nature and hiking up in the hills, so I just never went back to London… I stayed!

You had been in modeling, how did that switch to acting?
Ohhh, it took a while and a lot of frustration and misfortunes until I realized first you have to make a change in your head, and than the reality will follow. It hit me one day, to fully become an actress you have to think like one, live your life like one, oh, and for me, I had to stop modeling completely to start getting acting jobs. This was because every time my agent would call me for an audition or even an acting job booking, I’d be already booked with a modeling gig. So it seems that I didn’t have time for more than one thing that I was so passionate about. And every time I’d model, I felt unhappy but thinking I needed to do it to pay my bills. Then, I stopped in my tracks thinking, OMG! What am I doing?!?!? I have these opportunities to be an actress but have to turn them down to pay my bills and be miserable?!?! I stopped, struggled for a month or two, but then acting jobs started to kick in; it was definitely worth it.

Did you go to School for acting?
Many, the method studio in London, Ivana Chubback, Howard Fine, Larry Moss, the Hot House Rehearsal Studio, Lesly Khan, just to name a few, then there were many dialogue coaches, accent reduction coaches, etc. . Were you a fan of True Blood before you auditioned for your part? Huge, but never had time to watch it because of my little girl. All I get to watch now is yo GABA GABA and Nick Junior’ cartoons.

Was your part of Yvetta the only one you auditioned for in True Blood or did you audition for other roles, too?
I started auditioning for the show since the pilot, and to be honest had completely lost any hope of booking a part on it, so when I went to audition for Yvetta, I wasn’t expecting to book it, because of my previous failures. I said to myself, I’ll just treat it as an acting exercise and just have fun with it.

Are you Team Bill or Team Eric? Bill!!! :)))

How did you get the audition and how many others were you up against?
My agents and managers didn’t submit me for it because of the nudity. I heard True Blood casting was looking for my type from several friends and called my agent immediately, they were lucky to get through to casting and schedule an audition for me.

Can you tell us about your experience working with the cast members and the others on the show? How were you welcomed by the TB cast? How was your first table read?
Love the table reads!!! Everyone gives 100% to them even though it’s just a read. That impressed me a lot, I’ve seen a lot of table reads when actors didn’t give a …, but at True Blood, it was actually like being on the set filming. The cast are so nice and sweet and fun, loved it.

Can you talk about the character of Yvetta? Having come from another country yourself, I wonder if you might understand her better than most about what Yvetta was experiencing? Is this true? Although she was a cardiologist in her home country, she was forced to dance at Fangtasia in the US to make her living? Have you too had to make sacrifices to follow your dream? Many, many sacrifices, until I understood that we can have anything we want without any sacrifices if we just think positive and leave no room for negativity. I was studying in the University of Aviation in my country and quit to join a traveling circus (that was heading to Italy) as a dancer… But that’s another long story.

Ultimately, Yvetta was a hero to Sookie, but she didn’t get much acknowledgment for that. Do you agree? 
Yes!!! That’s exactly right, [laughs], I’ve never thought about it until you just brought it up, but that’s exactly what happened.

What was it like working with Alexander Skarsgård and Kristin Bauer? 
Love Kristin, she is such a loving maternal creature, it’s such a comfort to be around her. Alexander is an amazing actor and very supportive.

Will you be back on True Blood?
I was told by the writers, “yes”, but haven’t been called in to shoot Season 4. Yvetta is still alive, so fingers crossed for season 5.

Are you a horror/vampire genre fan?
I actually love comedy and action.

Who’s your favorite actor or role model? 
Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale

Was your role on True Blood more challenging than other roles you’ve played so far? If so, why? 
Not challenging at all!!! I was waiting for the writers to make it challenging.

How would you react if vampires really would come out of the coffin? 
[Laughs], I’d try to wake myself up.

I see on the IMDB that you will be in three films that are currently in pre-production: Rise of an Exile, Murder for Dummies, The Projectionist. Can you tell us anything about your roles in these films? 
We finished the Projectionist a few months ago and it went to Cannes [Film Festival]. It’s a very thrilling story about a delusional soldier posed by an amazing actor friend of mine Russ Russo, I play Ivana, his love interest. It shot in black and white and I strongly recommend seeing it, when it’s out. The other two [films] are still in pre-production and I cant wait to start them.

What is “Rock The Mansion” all about and can you tell us about your participation?
I’m gonna be judging a best dress contest. It’s a 1980′s theme, so it should be lots of fun.

Tell us something about your charity, “My Life My Power”. 
It’s an anti-bullying charity.

What are you doing next? Tell us about your upcoming film roles? 
There is a threequel I’m about to star in called, Dead Sea, It’s about zombies in the sea. I love my character; I’m a Skipper by name and profession and it’s going to be shot in 3D. I’m so exited about this one.

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