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2015 TCM Classic Film Festival: Making Heartbreaking choices

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I've just completed all my postings about last week's 2015's TCM Classic Film Festival and I have to say this year was probably my favorite. While it cost me alot to do, I opted this year to stay at the festival's host venue, "The Roosevelt Hotel," rather than drive in each day from Santa Monica fighting the insane Los Angeles traffic.  As a result, I got to experience the festival in a much more meaningful and intimate way.

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There was a huge array of films to see and events to go to, while great, this also led to lots of  frustration about the fact that you just couldn't see all you wanted to see. The waiting in line added a least an hour or more to the chunk of time it took to see any one film or event. Still I'm not really complaining about the waiting in line; once I got in, it was always well worth the wait.

However, probably the most frustrating thing about the festival was what everyone was talking about, "having to make heartbreaking choices."  For example, I longed to see Spike Lee talk about his masterpiece, "Malcolm X," but with the film itself being almost 4 hours long and with the extra hour for the discussion with Mr. Lee, and the additional time spent waiting in line, it would pretty much have taken up the full day. Instead, in those hours I was able to fit in attendance at three events, so unfortunately, that screening of Malcolm X sadly had to be eliminated from my calendar. Also, sometimes two films or events I wanted to see were scheduled at the exact same time, making it impossible to see both.  Still, how can you complain about having TOO MUCH to choose from, not me, that's for sure.

The highlights of the event for me were, being on the red carpet for Thursday nights premiere of "The Sound of Music," seeing Warner's newly restored and pristine print of Busby Berkeley's 42nd Street, seeing "The Apartment" on the big screen for the first time, and attending the many discussions that took place in Club TCM. I so wish I could have done more, but I could only be in one place at a time, hence those "heartbreaking choices."

Another fun thing I did at the festival was to walk up and down Hollywood Boulevard and take photos. TCM took over most of the boulevard and the signage was everywhere. See some of the photos I took below:

My festival bag and press pass.
My festival bag and press pass.

See more Hollywood Boulevard photos in the Photo Gallery

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