Saturday, June 5, 2010

Article: Jace Everett at Philly's World Cafe Live

Article by Lynn Powell Dougherty featured at

Jace performs on stage at the World Cafe with his guitarist, fellow
songwriter and produer, Dan Cohen
On June 1, the town of Philadelphia, my home town, hosted the talents of Jace Everett at the World Cafe on University of Pennsylvania's campus. As I'm sure you all know, Jace is the composer of True Blood's title song, "Bad Things".My sister and I decided to take advantage of his being in our town to go see Jace's performance and arrived early to the intimate cafe room that I estimate holds about 50 people. As we were seated at our table and began to order dinner, we noticed Jace sitting at the bar with his guitar player Dan Cohen. He turned and happened to look our way. I waived, and he came over since we had agreed to meet prior to the show, and was expecting me.He took us to a room where we talked for a few minutes while I videotaped. During the brief interview, Jace discussed his just completed and extremely successful European tour where they sold out almost every show. He also told us about the current tour of the US, Philly being only the second date, as well as the recording of "Evil Is Going On" which he did in February with CC Adcock. Evil Is Going On is a Chicago blues standard written by Willie Dixon for Howlin' Wolf, and will be the title of Season 3's last episode (Episode 12).
Jace gives a shoutout to The Vault.
After we spoke, and my sister and I went back to our seats, the show began. It was a very intimate and relaxed performance featuring tunes mostly from his latest Red Revelations album, that to date has been available only the internet, but will now also be released in stores. He performed, of course, the title song to True Blood, "Bad Things", but also the song on the Red Revelations album that he had just learned would be featured in Season 3, "Damned If I Do".Jace is an extremely talented musician who writes with a heart and sings and speaks with an incredibly sexy voice. I strongly suggest a visit to his web site where he, in his bio is compared to performers of the likes of Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles, Jim Morrison and Marvin Gaye, among others. I was very impressed by him and his guitar player Dan Cohen who accompanied his songs.After the show, Jace signed a CD for me of his acoustic album, which I have to say I love listening to. I was very impressed by this gracious man who deserves to be recognized for his original and very inspiring musical skills. I wish him the best. To see where else Jace will be performing this summer in the US, go here.Below are videos that I recorded at this event which include, the short interview we did together and his performances of both "Bad Things" and "Damned If I Do".

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