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Seeing Michael McMillian and Deborah Ann Woll at Bagged and Boarded

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Wednesday night, I went to Hollywood to the Smodcastle to see the taping of Matt Cohen and Brendan Creecy's podcast "Bagged and Boarded". Appearing on the podcast was True Blood's Michael McMillian and Deborah Ann Woll. And, half way through the taping, joining the others on stage was also veteran comics writer Marc Andreyko who has teamed up with Michael to script the next arc of IDW Publishing’s “True Blood” comic book series which is due out next week.

Brendan Creecy, Matt Cohen, Michael McMillian,
Marc Andreyko, Deborah Ann Woll

Listen to the Podcast by clicking here.

Both Michael and Deb spoke about their audition for True Blood and their other projects in the works. They also told us about where they had gone to school. Deb answered the question, why come to LA to study acting if you and are from New York. Deb went to USC to get her BFA in Acting and said that in New York most of the acting schools focus on "method" and she wasn't interested in pursuing that. She enjoyed her work at USC and expressed that she was happy to have gone there. Michael went to Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and was a classmate of Joe Manganiello from his home state of Kansas.

Michael talked about his comic book series, Lucid and with Marc discussed the collaboration on the next True Blood comic book.

As we previously reported, McMillian and Andreyko’s “True Blood” arc will explore what happens when new vampire Jessica Hamby is turned feral by a contaminated bottle of synthetic blood substitute Tru Blood. Along with series regulars Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton, the arc will also feature the comic book debut of fan-favorite “True Blood” characters such as Hoyt Fortenberry, Terry Bellefleur, Arlene Fowler, and McMillian’s own character, anti-vampire crusader Steve Newlin.

The price of the comic book is $4.99 and it ships February 23, 2011. Pre-order your copy now!

It was quite a joy to listen to Deb, Michael and Marc joke together with the podcast hosts. I was impressed with how witty Michael and Marc were together and how great those on stage seemed completely at ease with each other making us all laugh and enjoy our time. Below are some photos from the event.
Smodcastle Theaterphoto courtesy of Matt Cohen

Deborah Ann Woll with host, Matt Cohen
photo courtesy of Matt Cohen

Michael McMillian (center) with hosts Matt Cohen and Brendan Creecy
photo courtesy of Matt Cohen

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